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This immersive transformational experience for nurses and health care providers will have you moving through deep self exploration, psychological and emotional trauma and healing, and finding the balance, freedom, and alignment that we all are seeking in our lives. You will leave this 12 week program feeling alive, energized, and empowered to move forward no matter where your path is headed.


  • Who is the Nurse Rx Program For?

    If you’re a nurse and are ready to: Manage stress and it’s many impacts on your life. Get to the root cause of your depression and anxiety and truly heal Find balance in your lifestyle as a nurse. Find confidence and strength to stand up for what you believe in. Find freedom from pain, hurt, resentment, and more. Make your physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness and priority. Feel energized, passionate, and excited again about your career. Feel empowered to be in control of yourself and your life. Feel supported and deeply connected to other nurses.

  • Can I join the community at a later date?

    Absolutely, just reach out when you are ready and you can join our incredible peer community on the next monthly intake.

  • I want to read more about Nurse Rx before joining, where can I find more information.

Previous Client Testimonials

Hear what Nurse Rx Participants have to say

Leona Storch

The Nurse Rx program explores a multitude of tools for personal wellness which you will wish you had known about or been taught in your nursing program. It provides guidance and support to help you cope with the hard things nurses experience daily in our career and lives. I was overwhelmed by the power of the group of nurses as they shared their stories and supported one another. Sandra has done an amazing job of creating this program and is an exemplary coach that helped me become more aware of my body and emotions and the process of moving through all of my stress and emotional experiences. The work is not easy, but it is so worth it.

Sharon Lloyd

When I joined the Nurse Rx program I felt skeptical but knew that I needed to find support to work past the overwhelm and frustration at work. After working with Sandra and the group of nurses I recognized I need to let go of some control and ask for help and have felt a lot shift in my life, I’m sleeping better, feeling more at ease and haven’t had any further panic attacks. There is a connection with the group that lets us all be ok to not be ok. If you’re ready to invest in yourself and put yourself on the priority list this is a great place to start.

Rachel Scheffelmair

Working with the Nurse Rx program and Coaching with Sandra allowed me to unlock a piece of myself that was truly hidden. This program and the group of nurses I was with changed my life and I feel inspired to help others feel just as empowered.

The Nurse Rx program took me out of hopelessness and slowly I became me again. It was hard for me to sign up, I was afraid, doubtful, worried about money and time, and also not believing I deserved it, but I am so grateful I did not listen to that voice as I see so much light now in my life. Working with the group was amazing, making such great connection without judgment and knowing we all felt the same was so validating.

Pam Wager

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